This is one of my most favorite endings to a Disney movie, hands down.

Fuck the sword of a Hun who was going to destroy China. Fuck any sort of gift from the Emperor. They’re these *things* that have no meaning whatsoever.

His little girl is home from a *war*, safe and sound, and that is the most important thing in the world to him. The world can go to hell, but it doesn’t matter, because Mulan’s home.

this scene ALWAYS makes me cry

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Confessions Of The Girl On The Side

I am your secret life, whether you admit it or not. I am the girl you chat with when your real girl is busy with her art, with the rest of her life. I am the girl you call when you want to talk about something and she’s already asleep. I am the girl you get to share your stories of misadventures with, because your real girl might judge if you tell her everything. I am the girl you hang out with when she has to work far away. I am the girl with whom you text the most random things, because she just won’t understand. I am the girl you text dirty stuff with when she’s not around and you need your fix.

I am your secret life, even though you don’t tell me. I am a part of your life stuck in the corner, waiting and wanting to fully enter your heart. But it will not happen. I will forever linger in that corner wishing to be some kind of a “legal friend”. It makes me sad knowing that I will never meet the people (and pets) in your stories. It makes me frustrated realizing that I will never get the chance to travel with you to the places you’ve described to me. Our relationship is just like a reader to a book. The reader can only imagine everything, unless he/she takes actions to make it a reality.

I am the reader. You are my favorite book by far. But I can’t make this real. I simply don’t have the right to demand. But know this: if I can, then I will. I am willing to take a chance with you. But, who am I kidding? After some time, you’re going to have to tie things up with her, your ‘real life’, the life your family and friends know of. And I will become a secret that no one else around you will ever know. I will be buried beneath the deepest part of your heart and mind. Or probably, I will be completely erased, forgotten forever. You will forget about me as fast as a bubble bursts.

The funny thing is, despite knowing all that, I still want to continue being your secret life for as long as I can, for as long as you want me to. I know it’s a stupid thing to do. But you, you monster, have made me do stupid and crazy things I swore I’d never do. And you keep me wanting more.